Tesla Roadster Will Go On Display At Petersen Automotive Museum

Several folks took to Twitter yesterday to announce that the all-new, next-gen Tesla Roadster will move into the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles for viewing soon. Tesla has plans to reveal a new Roadster release candidate sometime this summer, but it seems the existing prototype version will be the one to go on display for the public.

With Tesla’s continued delays and production constraints, it’s hard to even imagine vehicles like the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Semi, and Cybertruck coming to market any time soon. With the Model S Plaid coming, and delayed repeatedly, one would think there’s really

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Ford GT in Bare Carbon at Petersen Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum displays Ford’s limited production “Liquid Carbon” supercar.

a close up of a toy car: 001-ford-gt-bare-carbon-petersen-museum

© Hot Rod Network Staff

When you read the story about the Petersen Automotive Museum’s display of the 2021 Ford Bronco design prototype, you may have noticed that Ford’s resurrected SUV was sharing lobby floor space with a remarkably contrasting vehicle. The second-generation Ford GT is one of the wildest designs to wear the Blue Oval badge—and the special Liquid Carbon edition takes it one big step further.

a car parked on the side of a building

© Hot Rod Network Staff

The Ford GT—a 21st century version of the classic GT40 from the ’60s —

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K.I.T.T. And 7 Others Added To The Petersen Automotive Museum’s Vault

The Petersen Automotive Museum has added eight new cars to its vault of historical vehicles. Although not a part of any current exhibitions, visitors can stroll through the vault to see the museum’s collection.

The eight cars are a 1959 Deutsch-Bonnet HBR5 Coupé, a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro art car, a 1964 Chevrolet Impala “Gypsy Rose,” a 1960 Plymouth XNR Replica, a 1982 Knight Industries Two Thousand “K.I.T.T.” car, a 1948 Bentley Mk VI “New Look” Saloon, a 1939 Packard Twelve Landaulet, and a 1974 Dale Mock-Up.

They will join a 250-strong collection of vehicles featuring iconic cars, motorcycles, and

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The Petersen Automotive Museum Has Reopened

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles has reopened its doors, offering car lovers a chance to get up close and personal with a vast array of legendary vehicles, including many rare and interesting GM models.

The Petersen Automotive Museum was forced to close last year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with exhibits going online via virtual tours posted to YouTube. Now, the museum is once again opening up for fans to visit in-person.

Visitors have numerous exhibits to walk through and enjoy, including:

  • Supercars: A Century of Spectacle and Speed
  • Hollywood Dream Machines
  • Porsche: Redefining Performance
  • Reclaimed Rust:
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Volkswagen ID.4 Added to the Petersen Automotive Museum’s EV Exhibit

Volkswagen, the German automaker responsible for the Dieselgate scandal of 2015 that exposed many other wrongdoings in the automotive industry, is currently playing the eco-friendly card. The Wolfsburg-based company won’t even invest in new engines anymore, which is a very surprising turnaround from six years ago when all hell broke loose.
Dubbed the third revolution in the manufacturer’s history, the ID.3 compact hatchback isn’t available to purchase in the United States. The ID.4 compact crossover, however, is offered in America with unlimited charging at Electrify America DC fast chargers at no additional cost for the first three years.

Full of

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Petersen Automotive Museum welcomes back car enthusiasts for 1st time in months

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Car enthusiasts, rejoice. The Petersen Automotive Museum on Thursday welcomed back guests after being shut down for months.

Those who are looking to visit will be required to have a reservation in advance as the museum can only operate at 25% capacity. Admission is free for first responders and health care workers through the year.

The museum will also have several safety protocols in place, including a face mask requirement and sanitation stations throughout the venue. Guests will also be offered a stylus, which can be used on things like elevator buttons, to enhance a touchless

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