Pete Buttigieg talks Florida’s deadly roads and Biden’s transportation plans

President Joe Biden has proposed a $2 trillion plan that his administration says would put tens of thousands of people to work rebuilding the country’s ailing infrastructure network and accelerating the fight against climate change. It also includes money to train workers and provide care for older and disabled Americans — investments that don’t meet the traditional definition of “infrastructure.” To pay for it, Biden would raise taxes on corporations.

The Tampa Bay Times recently spoke via Zoom with U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the administration’s new proposal. The following is a transcript of the conversation, edited

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Secretary Pete Buttigieg on the future of transportation

Pete Buttigieg was not an obvious choice for secretary of transportation.

As mayor of South Bend, Indiana, he oversaw a public transportation system with an annual ridership of about 2.5 million. As a 2020 presidential candidate, he rose to fame as one of the youngest and the first openly gay candidate to run for the highest office. But he wasn’t the first pick for many of the most transportation-minded voters.

After President Joe Biden’s victory, Buttigieg’s name was mentioned for a number of cabinet positions, including Veterans Affairs, United Nations ambassador, or ambassador to China. But in the end,

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Can Pete Buttigieg Really Change Transportation Policy?

In staid Washington, D.C., administration officials like to arrive at their destinations fresh, pressed and sweatless. Chauffeured cars are the normal means of transportation, allowing an appointee climate-controlled space to steel themselves for whatever ordeal lies ahead.

That’s why the secretary of transportation’s announcement that he would be biking into the office garnered a few headlines and appreciative salutes from cyclists. A presidential appointee working up a sweat is a man bites dog story, and the kind of gesture that Washington watchers had come to expect from an official who was doing something new with one of the least innovative

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Pete Buttigieg names Robert Hampshire as transportation chief science officer

April 21 (UPI) — For the first time in about 40 years, the Department of Transportation will fill its chief science officer position, naming a former University of Michigan professor to the post, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday.

Robert C. Hampshire had joined the administration in January as principal deputy assistant secretary for research and technology. Before joining the transportation department, he focused on research and policy engagement as an associate professor at the University of Michigan’s Gerald Ford School of Public Policy.

“Climate resilience and environmental justice are at the heart of this administration’s mission to build back

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says ‘there is racism physically built’ into America’s infrastructure

Following the unveiling of President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg confirmed that improved accessibility for all American communities is a key pillar.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with theGrio, Buttigieg described how communities of color often face poor infrastructure and disadvantages compared to other regions in the United States — due to a history of racist systems and practices.

On a mass socioeconomic scale, Americans of color have been historically redlined from access to the same opportunities their white counterparts have, one of those being accessible public transit. 


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Pete Buttigieg’s bicycle stars in the latest rightwing conspiracy theory / LGBTQ Nation

Pete Buttigieg cycling through the streets of Washington D.C.Photo: Screenshot/Twitter

Out Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his bicycle are the stars of the latest rightwing conspiracy theory after he biked from his office to the White House for a cabinet meeting.

Republican pundits and social media users are claiming that he “staged” a photo-op and didn’t actually ride the bike despite video of the former Democratic presidential candidate leaving both locations on it. Snopes has already rated the conspiracy theory “False.”

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CBS reporter DJ Judd

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