Buying Lyft’s self-driving unit speeds Toyota’s software mission

“Woven Planet really needs to grow in order to be able to fulfill that mission and that mandate.”

Kuffner, the American computer guru who also sits on Toyota Motor’s board, is tasked with making the world’s biggest automaker as strong in software as it is in hardware. The goal is rooted in the new conventional wisdom that future value in the auto industry will come not necessarily from manufacturing vehicles but from selling the software and services that support them.

That business formula was the path of other industries, such as the mobile phone business, where handset makers were relegated

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Toyota’s acquisition of Lyft’s self-driving unit bolsters its automation ambitions

Lyft has logged more than 100,000 paid autonomous trips on its platform, mostly in Las Vegas through its partnership with Motional, a joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv.

The company said the deal with Woven Planet is non-exclusive and that it remains committed to existing partners including Google’s Waymo, and is on track to hit a 2023 goal of allowing customers to use its app to hail driverless cars.

Toyota currently offers Level 2 automation with advanced driver assistance technology. The automaker has other self-driving projects and has been working closely with ride hailing companies. It owns

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