Tesla developing platform to allow car owners in China data access


ByteDance Eyes a New $185 Billion Business Ahead of Mega IPO

(Bloomberg) — Zhang Yiming built ByteDance Ltd. into the world’s most valuable private company via a string of blockbuster apps like TikTok that challenged Facebook and other incumbents on their own turf. His latest target: Alibaba.The 38-year-old AI coding genius, searching for ByteDance’s next big act, has set his sights on China’s $1.7 trillion e-commerce arena. The co-founder has hired thousands of staff and roped in big-name sponsors like Xiaomi Corp. impresario Lei Jun to drive what he calls his next “major breakthrough” into global business — selling

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NIO is making a landmark push outside of China into this electric-vehicle-obsessed country

Chinese electric-vehicle company NIO will make a landmark move later this year by pushing into its first market outside of China, the company said on Wednesday.


will expand into Norway, one of the most electric-vehicle-obsessed countries in the world, with the group’s first service and delivery center set to open in the capital Oslo in September. Four more spaces will come in 2022 in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, and Kristiansand, as the after-sales service network goes nationwide, the group said.

“From its founding, NIO’s vision is to be a global brand with high-quality products and services to the

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Tesla, under scrutiny in China, steps up engagement with regulators, report says

BEIJING — Electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc., facing scrutiny in China over safety and customer service complaints, is boosting its engagement with mainland regulators and beefing up its government relations team, industry sources said.

Tesla’s change of strategy leading to more behind-the-scenes interaction with policymakers in Beijing compared to relatively little previously shows the seriousness with which the U.S. automaker views the setbacks in its second-biggest market.

It also comes at a time when China is trying to regulate large and powerful private companies, especially in the technology sector, on concerns about their market dominance.

Tesla did not immediately respond

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Tesla camera concerns spur China to review car data regulations

China is considering new regulations that would require data collected by intelligent cars to be stored in the country, a move triggered by recent concerns that cameras in Tesla Inc. vehicles can be used for spying, according to people familiar with the matter.

The draft regulation was published on a government portal Thursday and is open for public comment until May 15. It proposes mandating that any information collected from a car’s external cameras, such as location data or images of buildings or roads, be stored in China.

Tesla’s electric cars were banned from Chinese military complexes and housing compounds

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Tesla Says China Car Traveling at Nearly 120 Km/H Before Crash

Tesla Inc. has released the data logs of a car that crashed in China to the woman who garnered global headlines after she staged a protest at this week’s Shanghai Auto Show claiming the vehicle’s brakes had failed.

The Model 3 car, which was being driven by Zhang Yazhou’s father at the time, was traveling at 118.5 kilometers an hour (74 miles per hour) just before impact and slowed to around 48.5 kilometers an hour after the brakes were applied, according to a local media report. The data also showed that the driver braked more than 40 times in the

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Tesla’s biggest rival in China is all in on flying cars

While Tesla is laser focused on selling Chinese consumers more Model 3s, one of its chief rivals in the country Xpeng (XPEV) is already planning for a future of electric flying cars.

And not only planning for it, putting its money where its mind is at.

This week at the Shanghai Auto Show, Xpeng showed off its electric Heitech flying vehicle. It looks one part snowmobile, one part futuristic helicopter. The vehicle seats one person. 

Xpeng Vice Chairman and President Brian Gu tells Yahoo Finance Live the Heitech is not just a prototype cooked up to

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