Tesla refunded customers who were charged twice for their cars

The strange saga of several Tesla buyers who paid for their cars using a direct bank transfer only to find out later that they’d been charged twice, seems to be over. “Everyday Chris” posted on the Tesla forum that he eventually did get in contact with someone at Tesla, and received a refund for the $56,579 charge about five business days after the problem started.

CNBC has been in contact with several other new Tesla owners who had similar issues, and reports that they have received refunds as well. Tesla has not publicly commented on the issue, but sent

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Some Tesla Buyers Say They Were Charged Twice for New EV Purchase

  • There is a strange thing happening to some Tesla buyers, CNBC reported: they are seeing duplicate charges in their bank accounts for the cars they’re buying, but only getting one vehicle.
  • These charges reportedly rose as high as an extra $71,000 removed from the buyers’ bank accounts, and the customers are saying they are having trouble getting Tesla to credit the overpayment back to them.
  • CNBC has verified five of these accounts, but one Tesla employee said “hundreds” of people have been affected. Car and Driver has reached out to Tesla for comment without response.

    The elusive allure

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    Tesla Reportedly Charged Some Customers Twice For Their New Cars

    CNBC is reporting that three people who just bought a new Tesla were actually charged twice, siphoning tens of thousands more dollars out of their bank accounts than was authorized. And if that weren’t bad enough, the publication goes on to say that some of these new Tesla owners found it difficult to recover the money that had been wrongfully taken from them.

    One of the people who suffered this major inconvenience is Cristopher T. Lee, or as you may know him from his YouTube channel, Everyday Chris. He uploaded a video a few days ago called Did I

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    Tesla Reportedly Charged Some Customers Twice for New Cars, Leaving Them With Bills of Up to $142,000 and No Refund After Nearly a Week

    Five Tesla customers told CNBC they had been charged twice for new cars.

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    This story originally appeared on Business Insider

    charged some customers twice for brand-new electric cars, leaving them with expensive bills, five people told CNBC on Monday.

    Nearly one week after the double charges, Tesla had still not refunded them, the people said.

    Tom Slattery, Christopher T. Lee, and Clark Peterson from Southern California told CNBC they had bought Teslas ranging from $37,000, the cost

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    Tesla allegedly charged some of its customers twice for their car

    Keep an eye on your account balance if you recently purchased a new Tesla. Some customers are accusing the California-based firm of charging them twice for a new car, and getting a refund isn’t as simple as it sounds.

    Southern California residents Tom Slattery, Christopher Lee, and Clark Peterson told CNBC that they paid for their new car twice, and two additional buyers who asked to remain anonymous said the same thing happened to them. One spent $37,000 on an entry-level Model 3; another purchased a well-equipped Model Y priced at $71,000. 

    Tesla sells cars directly to

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