E.V. Buying Guide: What to Know About Models, Batteries, Charging and More

Buying used could be a cheaper way to get an electric vehicle, though evaluate the car you are buying carefully, particularly the quality of the battery, because it will degrade over time. That said, a used electric vehicle could be a perfect choice for a second car for errands, commutes and other short trips.

As exciting as it may be to own an electric vehicle, it may not be for everyone. Many families and individuals can’t afford an E.V. that meets their needs — there are few electric vehicles with three rows and room for youth sports

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Buying Lyft’s self-driving unit speeds Toyota’s software mission

“Woven Planet really needs to grow in order to be able to fulfill that mission and that mandate.”

Kuffner, the American computer guru who also sits on Toyota Motor’s board, is tasked with making the world’s biggest automaker as strong in software as it is in hardware. The goal is rooted in the new conventional wisdom that future value in the auto industry will come not necessarily from manufacturing vehicles but from selling the software and services that support them.

That business formula was the path of other industries, such as the mobile phone business, where handset makers were relegated

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Carvana is buying customer cars in the time it takes to brush their teeth

In the roughly two-plus minutes it takes to brush your teeth, Carvana sells — or buys — another car.

That analogy comes from the online used-car retailer’s Online Car Buyer Report, which reports that Carvana sold 244,000 vehicles in 2020 — or one every 2.2 minutes on average. Sales volume rose 37 percent compared with 2019 — an impressive jump though a slowdown from triple-digit growth in prior years.

Maybe even more important is that Carvana last year also bought a vehicle from a customer every 2.5 minutes on average for a total of 203,000 purchased during 2020. In

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