Conkey Cruisers community bicycling program to end in 2022

Community bicycling program Conkey Cruisers, which since 2012 has literally moved large numbers of residents of Rochester’s 14621 neighborhood to take better care of their health, is coming to the end of the road.

“I’ve had a fantastic ride. Best cruise of my life,” said the organization’s founder, Theresa Bowick.

However, in July 2022, the nonprofit will cease operations.

Bowick believes that the program has made a difference.   

“Our mission is accomplished,” she said. “We started out with a goal of getting Rochester up and running, and we’ve accomplished our mission. Rochester is now a bicycle-friendly city.”

But recent

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India’s Mini-Craze for Bicycling Around the World

In 2017, Anoop Babani, Goa-based former journalist, was recuperating from a cycling accident when he encountered a book from 1931, With Cyclists Around the World, written by three Indians who, in the days before widespread paved roads and satellite communications, had biked around the world.

“A new China has been born in the world,” they wrote prophetically of one of their destinations. “Few see her; but those who do see, realize how she will affect world’s course and shape world’s history.” The cyclists—Adi Hakim, Jal Bapasola, and Rustom Bhumgara—chronicled their entire, unusual, four-and-a-half-year expedition. In early 20th-century India, cycling was

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OLD NEWS: One of the bicycling Boren brothers made his mark in Arkansas

A new bicycle store opened in downtown Little Rock 100 years ago, and can you sense the excitement in the air?

No? Well, it has been 10 decades.

Ben Boren Bicycle Co.’s first storefront was a ground-floor space at 605 Main St., land occupied today by a corner of the Arkansas Repertory Theatre lobby. In 1921, the Arkansas Democrat was two doors down.

The week Boren opened for business, fire had just blackened storefronts a few blocks south on Main. So, besides the charge of anticipation in the air, we might also imagine a whiff of something charred. That’s not

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Expect more officers bicycling this season, Lafayette police updated their patrol bikes

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — These warmer temperatures bring a great reason to pull out the bicycles. At least, that’s the case for Lafayette police. And it came just in time as the department has just updated several of its patrol bikes.

Be prepared to see several more LPD officers commuting by bicycle this spring. The department is in the process of updating all its bikes to meet state emergency vehicle requirements. The department’s bikes have always met requirements however, it was time to replace and update the equipment. Bike patrol officers will spend most of their time focusing on the

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