This Is the Most Embarrassing News Clip in American Transportation History

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Last night, Shepard Smith ran a segment on his CNBC show revealing Elon Musk’s Boring Campany’s new Las Vegas car tunnel, which was paid for by $50 million in taxpayer dollars. It is one of the most bizarre and embarrassing television segments in American transportation history, a perfect cap for one of the most bizarre and embarrassing transportation projects in American history. 

“Who doesn’t hate being stuck in traffic?” Smith asks at the beginning of the segment. “Come to the rescue, Elon Musk, who thinks he has a solution

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Start-up Swoop will provide rides for 2022 Super Bowl

Group transportation and software-as-a-service start-up Swoop won a contract with the NFL to provide rides for the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles, CNBC has learned, as large-scale events are once again in sight.

The company will provide transportation leading up to, during and following the Super Bowl. That could include transporting executives, NFL personnel and other people to pre-game events and team transportation to and from SoFi Stadium. The deal, completed March 31, could be worth more than $1 million, Swoop co-founder Ruben Schultz said Thursday in an interview.

“It’s huge for the company and also really big for

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Female truckers have become TikTok influencers, and they’re changing the transportation game

In the back of the spacious cab, Rankin has set up what she calls her “mommy getaway apartment:” a twin bed, a stash of food, some decor, cleaning supplies, and a few wig stands. She occasionally likes to switch up her style on long hauls — maybe long and wavy one day, and bright green or deep, curly red the next.

Once she wrangles Sparkle, she picks up her trailer and sorts out her first load. Rankin, 34, owns her own Charlotte-based trucking business, and typically travels within a 250 mile radius to Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina and the like.
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Is high-speed rail the future of U.S. transportation?

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What’s happening

The elements of President Biden’s massive infrastructure plan are so broad, the proposal has sparked a debate over just how far the definition of the word “infrastructure” can stretch. One of the biggest surprises to infrastructure experts, however, was something that isn’t in the plan: High-speed rail.

Many transportation observers believed Biden might be the president to bring the super-fast trains, common in Europe and Asia, to the United States. Famous for commuting to Washington, D.C., on Amtrak during his days in the Senate, Biden

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Seattle school bus driver union says current transportation schedule is unsustainable

Drivers say there won’t be enough time for them to provide morning and afternoon transportation. The union said that would leave drivers with part-time work.

SEATTLE — The union representing Seattle school bus drivers is raising transportation concerns about the district’s plan to resume in-person learning for students.

Starting Monday, Seattle Public Schools brought grades K-5 back to in-person learning for half-days, four days a week in AM/PM cohorts. On April 19, grades 6-12 are eligible for two half-days of in-person instruction a week, if families opt-in.

But district officials have said limitations on school buses means SPS will only

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‘Racially destructive’ infrastructure choices were made

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tells Yahoo Finance Presents it’s well beyond time to correct the racially inequities weaved into the fabric of the nation’s infrastructure. 

“So one of the problems with the racially destructive choices that were made in the past is that it’s a lot harder to reverse when it’s in the form of a big concrete highway. There are many places in the country where it’s been shown that choices were made to run a highway right through the heart of what had been a thriving Black neighborhood, often dividing that neighborhood into or clearing it out entirely.

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