Tesla is sticking to the schedule for its car factory |

As the German trade magazine for technology and business production reports, Tesla has less than four months before the first electric cars roll off the assembly line according to plan. A hearing left things behind schedule.

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla is sticking to the ambitious schedule for its car factory in Grünheide near Berlin even after delays. The start of production is still planned for this July, it was said from industry circles. A public hearing of critics last autumn and the processing of the objections caused a delay in the construction of the building. It was therefore

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Tesla: Volkswagen could soon steal the electric car crown

After years as the undisputed king of the electric car, Tesla (TSLA) could be matched sale for sale by Volkswagen (VLKAF) as early as 2022, according to analysts at UBS, who predict that Europe’s biggest carmaker will go on to sell 300,000 more battery electric vehicles than Tesla in 2025.
Ending Tesla’s reign would be a huge milestone in Volkswagen’s transformation into an electric vehicle powerhouse. Badly burned by its diesel emissions scandal in 2015, Europe’s largest carmaker is investing €35 billion ($42 billion) in electric vehicles, staking its future on new technology and a
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The big one: Ford Mustang Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y

As punch-ups go, this is right up there with David and Goliath. The irony being that Ford is the challenger and Tesla is the giant in this ring. Tesla’s value recently topped $600 billion – a staggering 16 times that of the Ford Motor Company.

It has achieved this by cracking the electric car code – creating its own charging infrastructure rather than relying on existing networks. And, ironically, by flogging its zero emission credits to the traditional car companies, helping them avoid regulatory emissions fines around the world.

Ford has big plans to electrify its entire range of cars

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Tesla on Autopilot drives into patrol car in Michigan, police say

LANSING, Mich. — For the second time this week, the U.S. government’s road safety agency is sending a team to investigate a Tesla crash in Michigan.

This time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is sending a special crash investigation team because a Tesla using the company’s Autopilot partially automated driving system crashed into a State Police cruiser with flashing lights along a freeway.

It’s another sign that the safety agency under President Joe Biden may be taking a stronger look at regulating driver-assist systems such as Autopilot, as well as self-driving automobiles. Previously, it had taken a hands-off approach

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Tesla faces second NHTSA probe in Michigan this month

A Tesla operating in the vehicle’s driver-assist system known as Autopilot struck a police car March 17, 2021 in Michigan, officials said in a tweet.

Michigan State Police

DETROIT – Federal vehicle safety regulators opened a new investigation into a second Tesla crash this month after a Model Y that was reportedly operating in Autopilot struck a stationary police car early Wednesday morning in Michigan, according to officials.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration was already investigating an unrelated Tesla collision in Detroit less than a week ago.

“Consistent with NHTSA’s vigilant oversight and robust authority over the safety of

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US probing suspected Tesla Autopilot crash into police vehicle

The US car safety agency said on Wednesday it will send a team to investigate a crash involving a Tesla suspected of being in Autopilot mode when it struck a parked Michigan State Police patrol car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it was sending the Special Crash Investigation (SCI) team in line with its oversight and authority “over the safety of all motor vehicles and equipment, including automated technologies”.

Tesla did not immediately comment.

Michigan State Police said on Twitter a parked patrol car was struck at 1.12am on Wednesday, while investigating a traffic crash between a

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