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GM’s Cruise unit to deploy robotaxis in Dubai from 2023

DETROIT — General Motors’ majority owned Cruise self-driving car subsidiary said on Monday it plans to begin deploying its robotaxis in Dubai beginning in 2023, in a deal that signals the company is more confident about launching its first commercial service in San Francisco before then.

Dubai’s Road and Transit Authority and Cruise said in a joint statement that Cruise will deploy a limited number of its purpose-built Cruise Origin vehicles in the emirate in 2023, making Dubai the first city outside the United States where Cruise will operate. By 2030, Cruise and Dubai’s transit authority said they plan to

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China’s Huawei to invest $1 billion on auto technology it claims surpasses Tesla

Huawei Technologies Co. plans to invest $1 billion on researching self-driving and electric-car technologies, accelerating plans to compete with Tesla Inc. and Xiaomi Corp. in the world’s biggest vehicle arena.

Huawei’s autonomous-driving technology has already surpassed Tesla’s in some ways, for instance by allowing cars to cruise for more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) without human intervention, Rotating Chairman Eric Xu told analysts in Shenzhen on Monday.

The Chinese telecom giant will partner with three automakers initially to make self-driving cars that carry the Huawei name as a sub-brand, said Xu, one of three executives who take turns to fill

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Intel’s Mobileye teams with startup Udelv on automated delivery

Intel Corp.’s Mobileye has teamed with four-year-old Silicon Valley startup Udelv in an effort to put automated electric delivery vehicles into service in the U.S. by 2023, the companies said on Monday.

Mobileye is supplying a fully automated driving system for Udelv’s new Transporter, a boxy electric shuttle without seats or cockpit that is designed specifically for delivery.

Udelv will not sell the vehicles, but will offer them as part of a subscription-based delivery-as-a-service package to commercial customers. And while the vehicles will not have human drivers, Udelv plans to offer a teleoperation feature with humans remotely assisting customers with

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Porsche-backed EV maker Rimac warms to SPACs

The CEO is revealing plans this week for a 200,000 square-meter (49-acre) new campus on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, that will have capacity for 2,500 employees — roughly 2 1/2 times the company’s current headcount. Production is slated to start there in 2023.

Among the site’s many amenities will be employee-relaxation lounges, meadows with roaming farm animals, a museum with a bar and merchandise shop and a test track the CEO said will have a “mandatory drifting corner.”

If this all sounds a bit over-the-top, consider that Rimac has been generating revenue the last eight years —

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Ford Dealers To Build 100 Dedicated Bronco Stores

Apart from the best-selling Ford F-150, one of the most important and most popular Blue Oval nameplate these days is the Ford Bronco. So much so that reservations for the First Edition of Bucking Horse ran out within hours when the car was launched last year.

If you think Ford dealers will bank on the popularity of the returning nameplate, you’d be right. In fact, some dealers are already planning to add a dedicated showroom for the Bronco, the Bronco Sport, and future additions to the Bronco family, Automotive News reports.

The idea of a

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100 Ford Dealers Will Build Separate Bronco Showrooms

  • Automotive News is reporting that a new voluntary program will encourage Ford dealers to create stand-alone Bronco stores that have room for at least three vehicles inside, a display wall for accessories, and a fire pit.
  • The reason, of course, is more money. By building out Bronco stores, dealers can not only get more vehicles to sell from Ford, but it’s the accessories that drive up profits. As one stand-alone Jeep dealer said last year, the amount of money people spend on personalization is “insane.”
  • With Bronco sales about to start, we can look to the 23,356 Bronco Sport SUVs
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