Intel In Talks With Automotive Industry to Supply Specialized Chips

If there’s one area where Intel’s ongoing cutting-edge fabrication issues won’t be an issue it’s the auto industry, where 14nm chips in most cases would be a major advancement. So given the silicon shortages currently plaguing auto plants, it makes perfect sense that Intel wants to step in to produce chips for auto companies.

But while Intel is reportedly already in talks with several car companies, don’t expect Intel silicon to solve production problems any time soon. The optimistic goal is to start producing chips in the next six to nine months, which means actual Intel silicon wouldn’t likely be

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Biden to meet with auto executives on painful chip shortage

General Motors employees work on the assembly line at Fairfax Assembly & Stamping Plant in Kansas City, Kansas.

Jim Barcus for General Motors

Clarence E. Brown has experienced union strikes, plant shutdowns and layoffs due to parts shortages during his 47 years working for General Motors.

But Brown, president of a United Auto Workers local chapter in Kansas, describes the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage that’s costing automakers billions and forcing massive temporary layoffs as more “disappointing” than previous work stoppages, because he feels it could have been avoided.

“I’m not a corporate multibillionaire, but it doesn’t take a rocket

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REE Automotive Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Magna

The strategic collaboration will explore the combination of REE’s groundbreaking REEcornerTM technology with Magna’s vehicle systems integration expertise and world-class manufacturing capabilities, to develop MEVs that enable commercial customers to customize vehicles based on their specifications and branding, while accelerating time to market.

Daniel Barel, REE Co-Founder and CEO, commented, “We are thrilled to reach a collaboration agreement with Magna, which should help put us on the fast track to support a broad range of electric vehicles (EVs). We see a growing demand for highly modular EVs from leading tech companies and new electric mobility players who have

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Lexus LS, Toyota Mirai get new advanced technologies

But the introductions also underscore Toyota’s cautious, go-slow approach. The system will be available only in Japan for the time being, though it comes to the U.S. in the LS this fall. And it will be limited to the two top-tier offerings of the Lexus and Toyota brands, for now.

The new technology also is expensive, adding some $6,000 to the LS sticker in Japan.

Toyota Chief Digital Officer James Kuffner called the development a key move by Toyota toward programmable cars. He is spearheading the push to create an operating system for digital vehicles of tomorrow.

“This is

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Volvo’s parental leave to help with recruitment

Volvo is looking far beyond the auto industry to build tomorrow’s work force.

The automaker expects to become an all-electric brand globally by 2030. That’s going to require the nearly 95-year-old company to reinvent its work force — filling its offices and plants with software developers, computer engineers and data scientists.

Volvo is thinking 10 to 20 years ahead.

“Volvo may be anticipating that, if they plan on moving into more software, technical-driven applications, they’re going to be competing against Google, Facebook, Microsoft,” Grosso said. “This move could raise their employer value proposition very significantly.”

Benefits such as parental leave

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Porsche-inspired automotive concepts that exhibit ingenious design, artistry and killer speed!

Companies like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti have reached iconic status when it comes to luxury Automotives! Their cars are specimens of ingenious design backed by menacing speed. However, there’s something about the Porsche automobiles that gets my heart thumping just a little more. Porsche cars are high on utility, performance, speed, craftsmanship, and not to mention they even exhibit a level of artistry. Automobile fanatics and designers clammer at the release of a fresh and fierce Porsche design, and in the anticipation of one, they often find themselves inspired and engaged! The result is a plethora of innovative and jaw-dropping concept

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