Month: April 2021

3 people killed in multiple-vehicle crash involving 2 semi-trucks, I-35 South closed in Logan County

The original story included a typo, which has been fixed.

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Three people died in a fiery, multiple-vehicle crash in Logan County that involved two semi-trucks and resulted in a stretch of Interstate 35 South being closed down.

Officials with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol identified the victims as Jason Lingle, 38-year-old Joshua Michael Hall, and 41-year-old Armando Espinosa, Jr.

“One semi was hooked to another semi to pull it out of the roadway, it appears, and in doing so another vehicle struck the two semis being towed and caused a fire, and unfortunately there

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Home Improvement Mortgage

Under Florida legislation we’re required to gather and transmit to the State of Florida, in your behalf, a documentary stamp tax. The amount of this tax, which is barely greater than .0035 occasions your mortgage amount (or simply over $35 for a $10,000 loan), shall be added to your loan amount if your loan request is permitted and funded.

Home Improvement

In February 2012, Walmart announced that the company raised its stake to 51 % in Chinese on-line supermarket Yihaodian to tap rising consumer wealth and assist the company offer more merchandise. In distinction to the U.S. operations, Asda was originally and … read more

Florida Worldwide College School Of Law

Henderson expanded minority enrollment from a single scholar to roughly a fifth of the scholar body. Stanford Law’s commitment to range continues at present, and The Princeton Review currently ranks Stanford Law as one of many ten finest law schools for minority students. From Native American law to trial advocacy, and from environmental law to human rights, UCLA Law is house to top applications, centers and institutes that supply unique learning opportunities and a chance for college kids to make an impact while nonetheless in school. The Marron Institute is an interdisciplinary and worldwide effort to advance new analysis and … read more

BlackBerry has built the iOS of cars, and it’s taken over the automotive industry

It might be running in your car right now, but you’d never know it because there’s no “Intel Inside”-like badge. And that’s just how BlackBerry likes it.

Volvo Trucks North America

BlackBerry QNX is the de facto standard for in-car operating systems. If a car were a smartphone, QNX is iOS or Android. It’s what connects all the bits of vehicle hardware so that the “apps” — everything from the speedometer to the tire pressure monitoring system — can talk to each other securely and reliably.

Modern automobiles are wildly complex, with countless sensors, electronic control units (ECU), buttons, inputs,

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Tesla reports record quarterly profit as electric car sales boom | Tesla

Tesla announced a record quarterly profit on Monday as sales of its electric vehicles boomed in the first three months of year.

The world’s most valuable car company recorded a profit of $438m on revenues of $10.39bn despite facing supply issues and the latest in a series of safety investigations following a fatal crash in Texas.

Sales of its Model Y compact sport-utility vehicle and demand in China helped Tesla deliver roughly 184,800 vehicles in the first three months of the year, more than double the number during the same period a year earlier.

The strong financial start to the

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Lane County designing its first county-wide bicycle master plan

Bicycling long has been a major attraction and hobby in Lane County, but now, for the first time, the county is working on a bicycle master plan to help improve infrastructure and routes for cyclists in the region.

The goal of the plan is to improve comfort and safety of bicycling on county roads where the need is greatest, which could include widening the shoulders, adding bike lanes or smaller fixes. But it also emphasizes broader benefits for the community such as improving public health, the environment and tourism economy. 

So far, bicyclers and other members of the public have

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