Month: April 2021

Maserati’s sleek yet luxurious automotive merges the brand’s past + future of autonomous supercars!

Maserati has always pushed the envelope of luxury and performance right from its inception in 1914, and till date. So what does the future hold for the Italian luxury supercar maker in an era where the automotive industry is making the rapid shift towards eco-friendly autonomous driving? Automotive design student Dohoon Jeong imagines the future which will have a semblance of classic infused in the design. A future where gorgeous design DNA and attractive sensibility will take precedence over the practicality of driving. The focus will be on the Trident structure, contrasting visual appeal, and the technical sharpness of the

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Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) – Tesla Sends In-Car Notification To Some Model 3 Owners Over Possible Problem

Tesla Inc.’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) vehicles are considered some of the smartest on the road. One of the features is the driver-assist software that allows the car to mostly drive itself under supervision. While parked the vehicles often receive free software updates, adding new features, games, or even increasing efficiency.

Now Electrek is reporting Tesla is using the vehicle’s internet connection to send a message to a small group of Model 3 owners in Germany who may need some glue reapplied to the cabin because of the possibility of water leaking in.

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Local retailers find that peddling bicycles is tough these days

In 1997, armed with a small loan and big dreams, Eric Dilg opened the Bikeway Source in Bedford.

Since then, the bicycle industry has experienced multitudes of changes. Dilg thought he had seen everything. Then the pandemic hit last March.

“It is completely new and foreign,” Dilg said.

These are crazy times for area bicycle shops. Demand is high. Cooped up for so long, people want to exercise outside in a safe manner. That’s good. But due to a global shipping crisis caused by the pandemic, shipments are behind schedule. How far behind? Some bicycles won’t be delivered until well

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Off-road vehicle drivers and California conservationists disagree over beach use

Nestled along California’s central coast is Oceano Dunes, an eight-mile stretch of beach that has gone from playground to battleground.

More than a million off-roaders each year visit the only state park in California where vehicles can drive on the beach, pitting recreation against conservation.

Jen, a member of Friends of Oceano Dunes, a group working to keep the beaches open for off-roading, said that bringing vehicles onto the sand is “a magical, unique experience.”

Alleen Villa, a member of the Oceano Community, said, “The amount of traffic, the noise pollution, the destruction — it’s just, it’s too much.”


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Lost your car keys, again? Israeli app offers smart, ‘key-free’ driving

A minor but frustrating annoyance may soon go the way of the horse and wagon: getting held up leaving home because your car keys are missing. That is, assuming you know where your phone is.

Cobra, an Israeli maker of automotive safety devices and door-locking systems, is launching its Mobile-Key technology, initially in Israel, which will enable drivers to open their vehicles via a smartphone app suitable for iOS and Android devices.

The technology will enable drivers to have the same advanced door-opening features offered by Tesla and other luxury car manufacturers, the company said on Sunday at the launch

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Could Tesla’s Vehicle Deliveries Soar 85% This Year?

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) was up against some significant headwinds last year. Not only did the automaker face tough year-ago comparisons when soaring Model 3 deliveries led to 50% growth in vehicle deliveries, but it had to pause manufacturing in the spring of 2020 as it dealt with lockdowns related to COVID-19. Yet the electric-car maker still managed to grow vehicle deliveries 36% for the year.

Though Tesla’s 2020 performance was impressive, it might look modest in comparison to the automaker’s 2021 sales. The current consensus estimate for Tesla’s vehicle deliveries this year is 850,000 units, up from about 500,000

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